Dance Classes


Classes require self discipline, respect for oneself, others and the instructor.
We want to bring about a love, enthusiasm and self- confidence through the art of dance.



Being the foundation of dance this class should be taken by all students to improve basic technique and musicality in dance. Depending on the level, classes are between 1 -1 ½ hours.





Tap Dance

This class offers Rhythm Tap as well as Broadway Tap. Combination of rhythms and syncopation are taught. Tap shoes are needed.

In the past two years my daughter has been a member of Five Star Dance Center. I have watched her self confidence grow. The staff has been warm, caring, and easy to approach. – “Kim”

Jazz Dance

Warm up to great music. Movements are taught across the floor that are sharp, smooth, and syncopated and than put into a combination. This class has strong technique with upbeat music and is a lot of fun. Jazz shoes or sneakers are required.

Modern Dance

Many styles are taught such as Graham, Limon, Horton, etc. Strong technique, body awareness and alignment are stressed. No shoes are required.


Hip Hop Dance

Warm up to the latest hip hop music improving strength, stretching, and isolations. Combinations are taught with emphases on fun, working together and having the right hip hop attitude. Sneakers are required



African Dance & Drum





African Dance: Traditional West African dance is taught to live drums.

African Drum: Class for Djembe drum and Djun Djun drum

“Penny” –  My daughter has been with Five Star Dance for one year. IN that year I have seen her flourish and gain confidence. She loves to go to dance class and we’re always excited to see Saturday arrive.





I look forward to Thursday night Zumba. It’s a great workout and most importantly Natasha makes it fun and friendly where you don’t dread having the workout. Beats the gym! Erika

I love the energy of the Zumba class. Natasha is wonderful and she makes it fun. Fatimah

Zumba class is a blast! Great workout and a good time. Kim

*Great workout,

* instructor keeps your attention, good music, makes you want to get into it

*enthusiastic & upbeat

* needs to be more than once a week

* willing to spread the word to others

Melissa, La’tise, Shoo Shoo (coaches)